Check Your Dignity…

…at the door - and be a Laughing Dad !

As a fatherhood worker, one of the saddest things I have seen is fathers who are “too cool” to get down and PLAY with their own offspring.

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 Fatherhood: Wave of the Future now breaking

 Fatherhood: Wave of the Future now breaking


Fatherhood: Relating to the Eternal


… becoming a father changes a man’s relationship to the eternal.
True fatherhood […] links me as a man to what the great psychologist
Erik Erikson called generativity, the sense that I’m a part of new life
and therefore part of the ongoing renewal of the world. In this way, fatherhood makes life meaningful. It can connect a man to the transcendent, helping him to recognize and respond to some of life’s most important questions. Why am I here? Do I matter? What if anything will I leave behind? For me and for most men, burdened with frailties and shortcomings, becoming a father is as close as we’re likely to get to participating with God in creation.

                           full article by David Blankenhorn HERE


What are the outcomes of irresponsible fatherhood ?

              DreamGyrl1360 can tell you.