Found these two dancing in her nursery. She was giggling and laughing…

I cannot quite explain this feeling in my stomach… In my heart…

It’s bursting with love and joy and pride, but also breaking knowing that the love of my life is going to be halfway across the world for so long. And that my sweet baby girl is going to miss her daddy so desperately.


This is not easy.


Roland Warren on Fatherhood crisis CNN  2010


Arriving Home

My presence felt, a quick head turn
Your brother is fast but you know in your heart
For it doesn’t take long for you to learn
You can beat him, with a good head start

One arm is still, the other swinging fast
When your legs catch up you can really book
You cut off his lane so he can’t get past
I’ve never seen such a determined look

Arms extended, you lunge toward me
You beat him this time, you’re in your glory
The love we share is easy to see
I know someday I’ll tell you this story

Holding you close I can feel your warm smile
There exists no moment where I’m more immersed
I guess it looks like we’ll be here awhile
Someday you’ll understand, why I never let go first

Wrapped around my neck, you whisper daa dee
This moment has shown I can be a great man
I will live a full life, if I can be
Just half the hero, you think I am

                                David Francis Spring

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