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Fatherless Anger

I’m not donor-conceived, so please do not assume I am one. I’m just an observer. I’m someone who grew up without a dad because he died before I was born. Growing up without a dad is not fun. For me it required therapy, anger management classes, and extensive emotional healing. Personally, I have an intimate connection with the story “Growing Up Without A Dad” I know what it’s like to replace a father, I know what it’s like to desperately seek male attention 24/7, and I know that emptiness of never knowing unconditional love from the man who gave you life… I know…

I find it very selfish and inconsiderate if you’re a lesbian couple or a SMC trying to conceive a child without a father-figure period, just to prove a “pro-gay-rights” statement or some very stupid “feminist” statement. The world was created with both men and women, and it has been this way since caveman times.


Danielle talks to dads @ Today’s the Best Day

Danielle talks to dads @ Today’s the Best Day


Dads … we all have one but not all of us can be one

And even if you can be one, being a good one —
or at least a quasi-competent one who will not ruin your kids any more than “normal” — can certainly be a challenge in the second decade of the 21st century. With so much more available to children with each generation, from social media and smartphones to designer drugs and an ever-increasing number of violent games and media, and with so many ways to turn, it’s getting tougher by the minute…

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